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Barbara's Ancestry:

Hi, I'm Barbara, and this is my family.  It is my hope you will become excited about the discovery of family history, and dig deeper into who you are.  

Among the ancestors of three of my grandparents are Rameses the "Great" Pharaoh of Egypt, Emperor Charlemagne, and the great Spanish warrior "El Cid," Rodrigo Diaz. I also descend from Lady Godiva who made her famous bare-back ride to prove the innocence of her husband. And William Marshall the undefeated knight, Regent of England, through four of his daughters. An Irish Bishop cursed William and all his male descendants died within a few years, so all of his descnedants are through his daughters.

Both sides of my family were early settlers in Missouri in early 1800's. Both were named Smith----neither stayed! Our gggreat-grandfather William F. Smith came to Missouri but moved on to Iowa, and my paternal gggreat-grandfather General James Hans Smith was a state senator and congressman in both Missouri and Arkansas and written about in history as a great orator. Later he moved to Texas where he was murdered for his money while in Houston buying supplies for his family and neighbors.

On my mother's side of the family, her ggreat-grandfather William D. Rowles was a senator and congressman in Nebraska. (More about them below.)William's son-in-law, Prof. James Walter Newman, was superintendent of schools of Sarpy County, Nebraska. My paternal grandmother, Ione Donalson Neel (without a second "d" in Donalson, is an Irish name,) went to Denton college for women and became a schoolteacher. Ione was the great-granddaughter of Mo and AR Senator, Capt. James Hans Smith.

Of my Smith great-grandmothers, Nancy Nora Smith, (my father's side) and Caroline Smith, (my mother's side) were both of royal descent but not related to each other. On my father's side, Nancy's father, Al Sidney Smith was the son of Capt. James Hans (Shmidt) Smith, School-teacher from Pennsylvania, was a Senator and Congressman in Missouri and Arkansas as stated above and on the Neel page. Not to be outdone, my mother's great-grandfather William Donaldson Rowles was also a Senator and Congressman of Nebraska, on the Rowles page. And on her mother's side, Caroline's grandparents, William Smith, mentioned above, and his wife and cousin Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith are on the Headley page. William and Betsy were cousins and both descended from the brother of Captain John Smith of Pocahontas fame. Caroline married George W. Headlee who rode with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.


My mother's Fry Family:

NOTE: Dorothy's brother Nathaniel Stewart has direct male Stewart descendants who tested R1b1a2, as well as distant cousins, descendants of Alexander and Charles, all descendants of Benjamin Stewart, probably of Botetourt, whose two sons James and John moved to Indiana, are not descended from Archibald and Janet Brown Stuart. The test also proved we are not related to George, David, John, early Stuarts of Greenbrier. Descendants of Archibald's were tested and they are not a match with our family, however, BYU Relative Finder has him as our ancestor, unless it is a different Archibald than the one who married Janet Brown. BYU has Archibald the son of James Stewart and Eleanor Dallway. (So, Beware! If our tree can be wrong at BYU, anyone's tree be wrong.)

Several of our Stewarts are a y-DNA match with each other, however, they all match with the Dohtery surname. It's possible the Dohtery/Daugherty surname itself began with a Stewart male;-) and not the other way around, but it was common in medieval times for the man moving into a woman's estate to take her surname and the title that went with it. At FTDNA I only have three matches with a version of the Doherty name in their tree. But at Ancestry DNA I have dozens of matches.
So, be aware that it is possible that the Doherty/Dougherty/Daugherty/Dority surname, may originate from a Stewart.

To recap, it's possible that our Stewarts were from Botetourt County Virginia where a Benjamin Stewart who died 1808 lived, eventhough BYU says we descend from Archibald Stuart and Janet Brown, son of James Brown and Eleanor Dallway, DNA does not match Maj. Alexander Stuart desendant.

Henry Fry and Anna Catherine Levering's line has also tested R1b1a2 y-DNA which is a very common haplogroup of Europe. When I stated that I believe we descend from Peter Fry, I meant Henry's brother, the Shoemaker, sons of Jacob Henrich Frey and Anna Hirtzeller, not Johann Peter Frey, son of Johann Jacob Frey and Anna Maria Schaub. It was easy to confus the Peter who got citizenship in March 1689/90 (at that time it was still 1689) with the one born in 1689.

We have yet to prove which Frey line from two different villiages of Zurich, Switzerland we belong to.... Aunt Nora (my grandfather's sister) wrote that Joseph Vincent Fry was a "shoemaker." I do not have any parents listed for Vincent, but I believe he was the great-grandson of Peter Frey, the Shoemaker, who married Miss Schumacher, the boss's daughter.

Results of my Autosomal DNA has me blood kin to descendants of Mary Snow's uncle William Snow, but Daniel's descendants are not related to the Snows by blood. So, the family history that some of Vincent Fry's children descended from a Miss Moss is correct. I, descendant of David Fry, share Autosomal DNA with Kenneth Wade Snow, but not with anyone named Moss. I do have several Stewart connections, as well as many others connected to my Headley/Fry pedigree which is very exciting.
I have recently tested at DNA.Ancestry and have so many matches it's overwhelming!

Fry HIstory:

Vincent Fry of Rowan and Davidson Counties, North Carolina, owned land on the Uwharrie River near Johann Peter Fry's family. Vincent married Mary Snow, at a latter age than usual, but he made up for it in time. At about 86 years old his youngest child Kessiah was born, by his wife Matilda Padgett. After Matilda died he married again to widow Mary D. Bridewell. Our Mary Snow is not to be confused with a second wife named Mary, or a younger relative of the same name. And also, do not confuse the Joseph Fry who was married in 1794 with our Joseph Vincent Fry. I have twelve Joseph Fry's on my gedcom, it was a common name.

A Fry family history was written by Velva Davis, And another Fry history was written by, Nora Headley Bendon, my grandfather, Clyde Headley's sister. Nora was Vincent's g-great-granddaughter, and the grandmother of Gene Pursell the famous Irish Tenor of the Lawrence Welk TV show of the 1950's. Nora wrote that Vincent's name was Joseph and that he was a Shoemaker, born in England. Vincent's 1850 Census, however, states that he was born in North Carolina. His ancestors were probably from Pennsylvania like many ancestors of Carolinians. Vincent's had a grandson named Joseph Vincent Fry. Many Frys left the Franco/Swiss area and migrated through the British Isles. These families were known to give two or more children the same first name, but called them by their middle name. Eventually in America the first name was dropped in favor of the name they were known by, such as Vincent in this case.

Peter Fry, son of Henry Fry and Anna Hirtzeller, of Swiss descent, arrived in Pennsylvania in 1685 on the Francis and Dorothy. He was a shoemaker and even married a woman named Schumacher (the boss's daughter,) whose surname came from her father's profession. Janet stated Peter died in Forsyth, North Carolina. This Peter was the brother of Henry Fry who married Anna Catherine Levering, and is probably related to Vincent. Vincent and an unknown Henry Fry are listed in the same area. But the Peter Fry who lived in Forysth County 1759 is claimed to be Peter Pelzer Fry who we are not related to, so our Peter Fry would have died before the 1759 Index. This Frey line is also of Swiss descent. The Henry whom Vincent lived near was a Baptist. The other Frys in the area were Moravians. I have not seen Vincent listed in a church so don't know what his religion was, but his son David was a Mormon from 1832 to the day he died.

I am a descendant of Vincent Fry through his eldest child David Fry. David was born in North Carolina but moved around a lot. Actually, it was the Moravians who were always on the move, forming new settlements to spred their religion. David and Dorothy Stewart were married 29 May 1823 in Monroe County, Indiana. David became an Elder in the Church of the Latter Day Saints in 1832 and stayed with founder Joseph Smith's family who later reorganized into RLDS which is now known as the Community of Christ. David to Kansas a while before going to Iowa where he lived in Lee County, on the Half Breed Reservation according to his 1840 Census. I have no idea why he lived there, but my grandfather said he himself was half Native American, mostly from his mother Caroline Smith, but his father George W. Headlee was almost half Native American as well. This information about the Half Breed Reservation is also in Latter Day Saints records as well as other information sent to me by Brenna Stokes. A Biography of Amon Fry son of David Fry has a little history of other family members as well. At the George Headlee page below, is a photo copy of an original letter written by Amon Fry to his brother Joseph and signed A. F. Amon Fry, with W. H. brother William Henry, as well. It is an interesting account of the lives of our family. Our Charles and William Smith and David Fry were Pioneers at Bigler's Grove. David and his wife Dorothy Stewart are buried at Bigler's Grove Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa.

David's third daughter Mary Ann Fry married George J. Headlee. David Fry's fourth daughter Elizabeth Fry and her husband Lewis Coon are buried together. David's fifth daughter Amanda "Jane" Fry married Ansalum Coon, brother of Lewis Coon, Elizabeth Fry's husband above. Jane later married James Headlee, brother of George Headlee. You will find more of Ron Potter's pictures, and information of the children of George J. Headlee and Mary Ann Fry at Our Headlee webpage about their son, George Washington Headlee and his wife Caroline Smith, both descended from Royalty.

Vincent Fry was 87 when the June 1850 census was made, in Green Co. Indiana. Born in Rowan Co, NC, he lived on the Uwharrie River according to land documents stating he sold ten and a half acres to John Lambeth, Jr. for $11.90.

I think these letters from the Rootsweb Message Board give us clues to where Vincent lived in NC and the family he was with. Benjamin and Bryant moved to Indiana with Vincent. Peter "Pelzer" Fry and Catherine Walk were the parents of this Benjamin. Vincent's name is on legal documents with Benjamin and Briant/Bryant Fry, and later Vincent moved to Indiana with them. I do not know who the parents of Bryant were. On the same page as Vincent in the actual 1840 Indiana Census is: Peter Fry, age 20-30 was Vincent's son; Philip Fry 20-30; and Martin Fry 30-40 need proof of parents, but I believe he was the g-great-grandson of Henry Fry and wife Anna Catherine Levering through their son Benjamin Sr, and his son Benjamin Jr. At that time Vincent was listed as 60-70.

Vincent Fry's wife, Mary Snow of Snowhill, Rowan County, NC, was probably the daughter of John Snow of Delaware who moved to NC for the land, as he was a planter. Vincent's third wife Mary D. Bridewell in the 1850 Census was the widow of Semeral Bridswell when she married Vincent.

Vincent's second son Peter Fry married Jimina Clark, and Vincent's eldest daughter, Hannah, married John Arthur, 4 July 1828 in Monroe, Indiana. Vincent's third son, Daniel Fry, married Amanda Clark. They lived in Magnolia Twp, Iowa during the 1856 Census. Vincent's daughter Jane Fry married Malcomb Wheeler. Vincent's fourth son James, married Mrs. Sarah Pickett. Vincent's youngest son, William Henry Fry married Caroline Brassfield. Vincent's daughter Elmyra married Andrew Miller. Vincent's youngest daughter, Elizabeth, married Michael Gentry. Vincent had at least three grandsons named Joseph, and one named Joseph Vincent Fry, who never married.

My grandparents, Clyde Oliver Headley and Sybil Laura Newman, (both descended from Royalty)daughter of the Superintendent of Schools for Sarpy Co, Nebraska, Prof. J. Walter Newman, and granddaughter of Nebraska Senator and Congressman, William D. Rowles.

My Mother's Headley Family:

I used to say that the best thing about Headley men was the women they married. Nothing has changed, but they have a history to be proud of. Ancestors of George and Caroline include the Pharaoh Ramses and Abraham in the Bible. You can trace it in the book "Royalty for Commoners." (See link below.) But wait! All of that royalty is through Caroline Smith! A Headlee wife!!

Our Headley ancestor Richard Headley married first Hannah Drake and after Hannah died, he married her sister, my ancestor Mary Drake, daughters of Samuel Drake. Samuel's lineage is in a new book preview featured on my Drake Maps page, by Terry Drake, who has us descended from the Drakes of Ash and Royalty, however, y-DNA proves there were many different Haplogroups of Drakes. The Drakes of Ashe were R-y-DNA and John Drake of Fairfield, CT, died 1659, was T-y-DNA. Most researchers now claim we descend from this John Drake through his first wife Lettice Shakespeare, first cousin of Playwright William Shakespeare. I have GEDmatch cousins who also descend from the Shakespeare family.

The earliest Headley in our line was Richard Headley, (born near John Drake and Lettice,) through his second wife, Mary Drake, ancestors of George Washington Headlee. George's parents were George J. Headlee and Mary Ann Fry, daughter of David Fry, son of Vincent Fry and Mary Snow. David's mother was Dorothy Stewart, daughter of James Stewart of Greenbrier, West Virginia who either moved to Kentucky before settling in Greene County, Indiana, or the county lines moved. James Stewart did descend from royal Stewarts through a maternal line, but y-DNA of his descendants, as well as his brother John Stewart, (sons of Benjamin Stewart and Elizabeth Henderson) were originally Doherty/Daugherty according to DNA testing.

James Stewart and Sally Fleshman were married 6 Nov 1795 by Rev. John Alderson, in Alderson, Greenbrier, West Virginia. But they didn't pay the bond until 11 July 1796 which leads to confusion with their genealogy. In the year before he died, James filed for divorce from Sarah who had refused to move to Indiana, and moved back home with her mother. She later married Mr. Legg. In Iowa, James and Sarah's great-grandson, George W. Headlee, married Caroline Smith.

Who was Caroline Smith? Most researchers agree she descended from William Smith of Willoughby, England, the brother of Captain John Smith of Pocahontas fame. Caroline's great-grandparents were George Thomas Smith and Leah Agee who were born in Colonial Virginia. Caroline was of royal descent through her great-grandmother Leah Agee. Their son William Smith married his cousin Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith November 1812, giving us a double dose of this famous Smith bloodline. Betsy was the daughter of James, brother of George Thomas Smith.

William and Betsy moved to Iowa where their granddaughter Caroline was born. William's brother James Agee Smith (also of royal descent) married our ancestor Margaret Love as her second husband. Her first husband was our ancestor Hezekiah Stephens. Their son Adam Stephens married Polly Reynolds. Her great-grandmother was Ann Snickers. Caroline's mtDNA is Haplo-H through Ann and her earliest maternal ancestor, Christina Ollesdotter who was born in Sweden and died in Delaware. Her granddaughter Catharina Robinson married Henry Joransson "Snickers" aka Suicher, French for sugar. Perhaps he sold sugar, because his surname should have been Joransson in America. Henry owned Snickers Ferry in Virginia. We descend from Henry through Susan Rachel Anna Jones. (Yes, she had three first names!) We have a multitude of DNA matches at Ancestry who are descendants of James Agee Smith and Margaret Love. Most are LDS members, while my Headley family are RLDS, (now Communty of Christ) the family of the original founder of LDS Joseph Smith.

Caroline and George W. Headlee....who once rode with William Cody "Buffalo Bill," in his Wild West Show....had a family large enough to have their own country music band. The family held barn dances every Saturday night at their farm in Iowa, and charged a fee of ten cents to attend. My maternal grandfather Clyde Hadley/Headley fiddled the violin, while his twin Claude Headley, (Glenn's grandfather,) played the piano. Claude also called the square dances. It was a fun family and they always enjoyed life. Our men sing like angels, including our cousin Gene Pursell, the Irish Tenor on the Lawrence Welk Show on TV whose video is below. I'm sure our family got its beautiful vocal cords from Dorothy John, our Welsh side of the family.

George and Caroline had a son named George born 1889 who fell from a tree, got lockjaw because of his injuries which was common at that time, and passed away in 1899 when he was ten years old. His brother Athen Ritter Headley was four years older than George. Uncle "Rit" took his brother's identity as George Hadley in California as early as 1939, and passed away as George Hadley in 1960. His brother Clyde also changed his name to Hadley as early as his marriage license to Sybil, but had to change it back to Headley when he collected his social security.

My Father's Neel & Smith Family:

My Aunt Hazel Neel first talked to me about our family history when I was in my early teens. Her daughter Linda Maxwell has the benefit of her good memory today, and I appreciate Linda sharing pictures and memories with me.

My father said no matter how often census takers, etc., tried to change it to Neal or Neil, our family line felt strongly about keeping it NEEL, however, census takers and birth certificate often have Neal.  My dad said "No!" when I asked if it were O'Neel or Mc or Mac variation.  Our name was originally "Neely or Kneely, Nially, or something like that," he said.  Finally our cousin James Larry Neel, my second cousin,  has been R-y-DNA tested to be the same as Niall of the Nine Hostages. 

Possibly the earliest Neel ancestor actually born in America was John Neel father of our John T. Neel, sibling of William Alexander Neal, James H. Neel and Mary Ellen Neal O'Connor, my relatives as proven by Autosomal DNA (atDNA) matching with multi-members at Ancestry DNA. Ellen's tombstone has OConer but other sources have O'Connor. John was born about 1765 in South Carolina and died before 1840, probably in Tennessee. I believe he died between 1830 and 1840 because the 1830 John Neel in Henry County, Tennessee was not listed again in 1840, but his wife, Sarah Neel, was. DNA has us connted to the descendants of the Neely family of Henry Co, Tennessee. In 1830 Henry County stretched all the way across Tennessee to the Mississippi River. Ellen Neal O'Conner became a Catholic is Kentucky as an adult. She stated her parents were John Neel and Sarah Hutchinson.

I tested at both FTDNA (which has many useful tools that Ancestry DNA doesn't have,) and DNA at Ancestry which has many of my relatives that were missing at FTDNA, however, I have more than twice as many matches at FTDNA. The Ancestry DNA system makes it easy to see the connection in a tree because they give you a lineage to your ancestor and a lineage from your ancestor to your match. In fact, several Dudley lineages of Ransom W. Dudley's siblings prove my father's grandmother, Mary Ann Dudley Neel, daughter of Ransom W. Dudley was indeed the granddaughter of William G. Dudley, born in Virginia, and was of royal descent, and that William did descend from Robert Dudley and his lady wife, Elizabeth Ransom through other siblings. There are various descendant links of descendants from William G. Dudley, alone. William lived next to Ransom Dudley, Jr., born 1769 in Virginia, so they were probably father and son. Ransom's ancestor Maj. Robert Dudley descends from King Edward III of England and his wife Lady Philippa of Hainault. Both descend from the Pharaoh Rameses I and his wife, Queen' Tia who descends from Thutmoses I, Pharaoh of Egypt who are proved to be Caucasions, by the way.

I have atDNA matches with three descendants of Mary Ellen Neal O'Connor, sister of my John T. Neel, Sr. I have several atDNA matches with descendant of his children Isaac Neel, George W. Neel, Robert Neel, John T. Neel, Jr. and Martha Frances Neel Hickman.  My DNA shows I am 36% Irish which is the largest percentage in my DNA, mostly from my dad.

James Herbert Neel has not been y-DNA tested, however, some of his relatives have Autosomal tested, mostly atAncestry. My closest Neel  Autosomal match at Ancestry DNA is my daughter EB, and then my first cousin Ray Surwillo, my father's youngest sister, Hazel Neel Surwillo's youngest son. At FTDNA Ray's sister Linda Maxwell is also a first cousin. Other matches are through John T. Neel's brothers James and William, and their sister Mary Ellen Neal O'Connor, whose descendants are several, including Shannon Weigel, Judith A. Davis and Robert J. Bromlow, son of Margaret M. O'Connor and James E. Bromlow. They are my DNA matches and my daughter's as well. Most of my father's cousins and his nephew Raymond tested at Ancestry dot com where they use code names instead of real names if they want to, however, I can state that I match with Neel/Neal, Dudley, Geaslin, Hans Smith and Pace cousins and more. This is such good news, that there are so many matches that prove our genealogy is correct.

Our Neel family of John Neel born in South Carolina lived in Henry County, Tennessee at the time of the 1830 census. Until that time Henry County extended to the Mississippi River. Then in 1840 widow Sarah Neel and sons John T. Neel, James H. Neel and William "Alexander" Neel, (all born in South Carolina) as well as other Neel, Neely, Calhoun and Martin relatives, lived in the new Obion County, Tennessee, which was formed from the Indian Lands of Henry County in 1823. In 1850 when Sarah was 69 she was living with her son Alexander and his wife Amelia, and baby George. When Sarah was 79 she was living with John T. Neel as in a census that was continued on the next census page. (Always check out those next pages when your family begins or ends on a census record.)

In December of 1839 John T. married Rebecca Snider aka Snyder, and had one son, Isaac Newton Neel. But John's brother James H. Neel, named him the guardian of his younger children, James and Lavinia who were living with John in 1850. In the 1860 Census teen-ager Lavinia is living with her brother Richard Neel, neighbor and the eldest son of James H. Neel. These Neel men should all have the same Y-DNA as our line when they are tested.....if they are tested!

After Rebecca died John T. married Martha Lemmon in 1843. Martha was the daughter of David Lemond and Esther Martin.(AKA Leamon & LeMonds. The Lemmon surname was probably LeMons originally.) Their son James Alford Neel married twice, first to Rebecca Roberson by whom he had a son, William Columbus Neel born 27 Oct. 1877. In the 1850 census of Sarah there were several Roberson families living near Sarah. His second wife, Mary Ann Dudley, daughter of Ransom W. Dudley, was born 1 Oct. 1862 in Mississippi, and moved to Obion Co, Tennessee, however, the Dudley family was originally from Virginia, and of royal descent.

January, 15, 1880, James Alford Neel married Mary Ann Dudley, and then our Neels moved to Texas where they are buried in Bourland Cemetery, Keller, Texas, as well as their son James Lee Neel and wife, school-teacher Ione Donalson, granddaughter of Algernon Sidney Smith, son of Capt. James Hans Smith, a Missouri and Arkansas Legislator for about twelve years in all, and newly elected to the Texas Senate before was killed in 1852 and couldn't fulfill his term. When he spoke, people cheered.

Algernon Sidney Smith married Rebecca Geaslin, daughter of William King Geaslin (LDS)and Ruth Lambert Pace. Ruth's famous Pace lineage goes back to the famous Richard Pace who saved Jamestown from an Indian attack. Ruth's father William Pace and wife Ruth Lambert are on the left side of the Family Tree at the Pace DNA web page, made by John Pace after studying DNA results. You can click on the link above the chart for a full sized view which takes our line back to Richard Pace and Isabelle Smyth of Jamestown, Virginia.

My father visited relatives who gave them the history of his Smith and Owen lineage by his cousin Birdie Farrar Wynn. That's when I started buying genealogy books. I was hooked on history. Further research took me farther back in time to our ancestors the Pharaoh Rameses, and other royalty.

Nancy Smith and Angus Donalson, and James Lee Neel, son of Mary Ann Dudley and James Alford Neel are buried at the Bourland Cemetery at Keller, Tarrant Co, Texas as mentioned above, near the parents of Angus Donalson, Lucy Bridges Shores and Warren Franklin Donalson, whose ancestors came from either Ireland or Scotland. Lucy's parents were Joseph Bridges Shores and Caroline Anne Lasseter AKA Mrs. Jarvis. I believe my streak of Romany came from this family as Lucy read tea leaves for her grandchildren. However, my dad said it was just something they did at the time for entertainment.

Aunt Nan told me my grandmother Ione Donalson, Lucy's granddaughter, was dark complected with brown eyes. Grandmother's uncle Walter sent Ione and her sisters to the women's college in Denton, where Ione became a schoolteacher. She died of Pellegra several years before I was born. The children of James Lee Neel and Ione Donalson were James Herbert, Nancy Lee, Mary Bernice, and Hazel Ione. The 1930 census of James Lee and Ione has Mary B.'s name as Mabel B. but it was James Alford Neel who had a daughter named Mabel B., Mary's aunt. Mary was living in New York with her daughter Dianne Rossi when Mary passed away. Aunt Hazel is still living in California, mother of my DNA match Ray Surwillo. James H. and Nancy "Aunt Nan," have also passed on.

William F. Donalson was the son of William Donalson and Rachel Bush, the daughter of Sanders and Mary Bush. Sanders was an American Revolution soldier with Captain Kennedy's company July 6, 1777. Sanders was the son of Abraham and his wife Rachel Bush, whose y-DNA was Haplogroup R1b, a widely distributed DNA of Europe.

Abraham's descendant #B-019 at the y-DNA site. Abraham lived in Dobbs County, North Carolina in the 1700's. Sanders Bush, Abraham Bush and Richard Bush all lived in Dobbs County when they entered the military. Sanders, however, recorded his will and died in 1810 in Pulaski County, GA, as well as his wife Mary Bush. Abraham was the son of William Bush, according to William Glenn Bush's DNA information, the #B-010 at Bush y-DNA web site. Glenn generously sent me the last few records I needed to submit Sanders Bush as a new DAR ancestor because no one had ever succeeded in claiming him before. Sanders new DAR Ancestor number is A205525. This Glenn Bush is often confused with another Glenn Bush who is not related to our family.

Although Sanders Bush lived near Andrew Bush in Georgia, they were cousins, not brothers. Y-DNA testing has shows Abraham Bush was closely related to John Cooper Bush and Andrew Bush. The link Our Family Heritage, found below has more of my Revolutionary ancestors.

I entered the DAR through the service of Thomas Owen with our cousin, Annelies Mouring, a descendant of George Washington Smith, brother of my gg-grandfather, Al Sidney Smith. Their parents were Nancy Owen, granddaughter of Thomas Owen, and James Hans (aka Johannes Schmitz) Smith.

A Hollander, but more likely Pennsylvania Dutch, James Hans Smith was born in Pennsylvania, 11 Sep 1799, (according to research of professionals) son of school-teacher William Smith, Jr. and Miss Rebecca Mans. He was married 15th September, and the family probably celebrated both his birthday and anniversary at the same time, and everyone forgot he was born 11th of September. Hans was in the war of 1812 exactly 19 days before he was released, probably because he was so young. In 1818 Hans was a School-teacher. He along with his servant, Jerry---a free black man in Pennsylvania who was more of a friend---moved on to Kentucky where Hans also taught school. In 1826 Hans married Nancy Owen, daughter of Bourbon County distiller Robert Owen and Nancy Foster. Robert was the son of Rev. War soldier Thomas Owen, and wife Salley Farmer.

Hans and Nancy were married in Kentucky, then moved to Clay County and Lincoln Co Missouri where Hans became a Senator and Congressman. Hans moved on to Crawford, Arkansas where he was also a Legislator, finally settling in Ellis County Texas. Hans was murdered 20 March 1852 in Houston, Texas for his money where he went to buy supplies for himself and his neighbors. His wife, Nancy and servant, Jerry went to Houston to bring his body home.

The Owen line was of Welsh descent. Welsh families didn't have a surname such as Smith or Jones. The Welsh had, as an example for a male, Robert ap Thomas, or for a female, Jane vch (or ferch)Thomas ap John. When they came to America their father's name became their surname. Therefore, everyone with the surname Owen meant only that their father's given name was the same, and not necessarily that they were related. To make a lineage harder to trace, the Quakers moved as a group forming new settlements, not because they were related, but because they belonged to the same church.

Thanks cousin Annelies, and to Birdie Farrar Wynn and Thomas Allen Glenn for doing so much Owen research before us. Thanks to Randy Farrar for pictures, and thanks also to Bruce Baker and his brother Glenn for including me on the Acknowledgment page and as a reference of their Todd books.

Information on William Alexander Neel/Neal's family given to me by cousin Jo Neal Benson.
William was the brother of my ancestor John T. Neel, Sr. of Obion, TN. A third brother was James H. Neel who married Narcissa Gray.
My ancestor John T. Neel of Obion, TN, was the guardian of James and Narcissa Neel's two younger children in 1850 after John died: James Wilson Neel and Lavinia M. Neel. The two older sons were Richard Neel and Sidney Gray Neel. Narcissa died in Mississippi in 1844 when Lavinia was two years old.

My Mother's Rowles Family:

This is the family of William Donaldson Rowles, and his sister Frances "Fanny" Rowles Daley Bosteader. The Rowles were pioneers in Indian Territory of Omaha, but they were well trained in the arts of survival for life on the prairie because of the American Revolution and life at that time in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our family history was written down by Aunt Fanny and also her son John D. Daley, from the words handed down by his great-grandmother Priscilla M. Chamberlaine Donaldson who lived with his family. She may have descended from William Grafton who claimed to be the natural son of Henry, 1st Duke of Grafton as were the other Maryland Graftons. Or, as is our family tradition, she may descend from Charles, 2nd Duke of Grafton by his mistress's daughter Sybil or a 2nd wife in his old age. But she did not descend from the 3rd duke as the tombstone from his first daughter, Georgiana was found, proving her birthdate. So we need more research.

The Rowles Family descended from Colonials Sir Edmund Jenings/Jennings through his son Edmund Jenings, Esq. the acting Governor of Virginia, and his wife Frances Corbin, the daughter of Henry Corbin. Their son William was the father of Edmund Jenings, father of Candace Jenings who married Nehemiah Miller Rowles of Anne Arundel, MD. Candace Jenings' mother Mary Waters was the granddaughter of William Iiams and Elizabeth Plummer Elizabeth, step-granddaughter of Colonial George Yates, so she was sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Yates in some publications.

Mary Waters married Edmund Jenings, Sr. aka Jennings, who was the son of William Jenings whose paternal grandfather was Sir Edmund Jenings, and his maternal grandfather was Henry Corbin. Nehemiah and Candace Rowles were the parents of Joshua Jenings Rowles and Mary Jane Rowles whose daughter Caroline married Joshua's son William D. Rowles as a second marriage for both. Joshua's wife, Harriet Donaldson was the daughter of William Donaldson son of Sgt. John Donaldson brother of Lady Jane Donaldson Fairfax who was the second wife of the 8th Baron Fairfax, Rev. Lord Brian Fairfax of Mt. Eagle.

John Donaldson and his sister Lady Jane were the children of James Donaldson and Ann Bailey, daughter of Stephen Bailey and Elizabeth Harrison. Sgt. John Donaldson married Jane Wigginton, daughter of Henry Wigginton and Sarah O'Neal. Harriet's mother Priscilla M. Chamberlaine was the daughter of John Chamberlaine of Virginia, and Priscilla Elizabeth Grafton.

The Rowles family of Anne Arundel and Baltimore, Maryland first came to Nebraska in 1856. My great-grandmother Bessie Rowles was born in Sarpy County in 1863 a few months before the death of her great-grandmother Priscilla M. Chamberlaine Donaldson 1772-1863. Priscilla M. Donaldson lived out the latter years of her life in the home of her granddaughter Frances Elizabeth Rowles Daley Bosteder, ancestor of Judy Richardson, and grandmother of radio and movie star, Gwen Delano aka Gwen Delaney, daughter of Frances Priscilla Daley and Henry Arthur Delaney. It was through Frances' children that Priscilla handed down our family history.
Frances' son John D. Daley, our first family historian, died in 1922. Frances' granddaughter, Genevieve, "Vieve" daughter of Lucretia Daley, wrote a family history for Aunt Fanny's niece, Bessie Rowles Newman, my great-grandmother, about 1930. Bessie said we were descended from the Indian Princess Pocahontas, but I'm still looking for proof of that. However, it is a proven fact that her cousin John Randolph of Roanoke descended from Pocahontas aka Rebecca Rolfe. We do descend from Elizabeth Rolfe a relative of John Rolfe who married Pocahontas.

Bessie Rowles married Professor James "Walter" Newman, aka Walter J. Newman, Superintendent of Schools for Sarpy Co, Nebraska. Bessie was the daughter of William Donaldson Rowles and Mary Jane Crowthers, daughter of Elizabeth Wilhelm and John Crowthers, Sr. William was an early settler of Nebreaska Territory. He was a shop-keeper, in the Calvary in wartime, and Sarpy county Sheriff, Senator and Congressman of Nebraska. In later life he married his cousin Caroline Dyson, daughter of Mary Jane Rowles, sister of Capt. Joshua Jenings Rowles. That marriage didn't last long and they were soon living separate lives.

Walter and Bessie Newman were the parents of Charlotte Augusta Forristall, Charles Newman, Sybil Laura Headley and Alice Violet Newman who died in childhood. It sometimes helps to know a person's religion when trying to discover ancestry records, however, one cannot be certain.

Bessie's daughter Charlotte, Aunt "Lottie," made copies of our family history for her sister Sybil, my grandmother who gave them to me when I moved to Virginia a few months before she died in 1969. On that trip to Virginia I found the graves of Priscilla, her grandson William Rowles and son Charles, and John Donaldson Daley, grandson of Frances E. Rowles Daley. Judy Richardson generously shared her genealogy with me many years later.

My grandmother always said she was Pennsylvania Dutch from Holland. In any case, Thomas Wilhelm descended from Pennsylvania Dutch, and Mennonite, was also descended from royalty through his mother Miriam Lewis. His first wife was our ancestor, mother of Elizabeth Wilhelm, grandmother of Bessie Rowles . Her sister Ann's descendant is Donna Weiss. (Donna and I are an mt-DMA match.) Ann Rowles Dyson and her husband moved to Canada which is probably the reason Bessie and her son Charles lived there while he was sick with TB. Neither Charles Newman nor his uncle Charles Rowles ever married, and both were in the military.

The Rowles were originally Quakers "Friends." The Rowles and Donaldson families in Maryland were Methodist Episcopalians. Elizabeth Wilhelm's granddaughter Bessie Rowles Newman was a Baptist however her daughter Charlotte had Bessie's funeral in Charlotte's Methodist Church. Today our relatives are of many faiths.

About Us

Barbara Neel married Tillman Blizzard in November 1958, and had been married almost 50 years when he passed away in March 2008.

We were both interested in family history and began our research in 1962 in South Carolina when Tillman's mother gave us family history and his father went with us to see and photo the graves.
Now our youngest daughter Elizabeth and I are Find A Grave members BJ and EB. She began visiting the graves when she was nine years old.

This photo on the left was take while I was doing computer research when we lived in Camden, South Carolina.

Since then, we moved to Missouri where Tillman was buried at the new Missouri Veterans cemetery of Fort Leonard Wood near Waynesvile, MO. As you enter the gate, Tillman's tombstone is in the front row, the last one on the right. Or the first on the left as you stand facing the graves. The names of the wives of these men buried with them are engraved on the back of the tombstone......

God Bless you for reading this far!