Blzzard Family:

Our Blizzard Family of South Carolina descends from Thomas Blizzard of Darlington District, SC 1700's.

Thomas was the father of Thomas Franklin Blizzard, Sr, born in SC,  who married Martha Stafford in TN, and moved to Alabama where they passed away. His descendant is an exact y-DNA match of Tillman Blizzard, desendant of Joshia Blizzard, son of Thomas Blizzard of Darlington District. Tillman descends through Josiah's son Voluntine and Elizabeth Lovett Blizzard of Fairfield Co, SC buried in Ridgeway, SC.

Voluntine's son Pvt. James Thomas Blizzard died as a prisoner of war in a Washington DC hospital. His temporary grave was later moved to Hollywood Cemetery, Richland, Virginia. 

Records of James T. Blizzard are on the Original Blizzard page at Rootsweb freepages.

James Thomas Blizzard married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee, daughter of Asa H. Lee and his first wife, Miss Gusman. As a young widow, Mary Elizabeth Lee married John Campbell Glenn and lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and died 10 May 1919,  buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

Mary sent her son to live with is grandfather Voluntine and is listed in his 1870 & 1880 census as James A. Blizzard (James Arthur Blizzard.)

When James A. Blizzard was 17 he ran away from his senile grandfather, Voluntine Blizzard, and grandmother, Elizabeth Lovett,  who then ruled his life. James Arthur changed his name to Thomas Arthur Blizzard in Aiken County, but was later known as "Jim" as by that time it didn't matter that people knew his real name because he wrote to his grandmother to let him know where he was (;-)

As Thomas Arthur Blizzard he married Theoxena "Locky" Spires, daughter of James "Henry" Spires and Elizabeth Smithhart. Thomas A. and Locky Spires Blizzard were the parents of Lula Crystal Lucas, Clayton Lestor Blizzard, Clifton "Henry" Blizzard who married Lula Mae Poole, (daugter of Martin "Bubba" Poole, son of Isachar aka Isicker Poole, (more below) adopter son of Walter Poole, ancestor of Nettie Poole wife of Purvis Blizzard) Thomas A. and Locky Spires Blizzard's two youngest children were Sudie Blizzard and Purvis Grady Blizzard Sr. Sudie married Robert Whetstone.  Purvis Blizzard married Nettie Poole  above, parents of Tillman Blizzard. More about her Poole family below.

Not just any Pooles........

Our line in South Carolina was through Isaac Pool who came to Orangeburg Territory, probably from Virginia. Isaac was the son of Walter "the Cooper" Pool and his first wife Lucy Dukes. Walter Pool bought land at the Forks of the Edisto River in 1794, and was probably the land Isaac lived on in the early days. DNA matches with other children of Walter and Lucy proves they are probably related through William "the Joiner" Pool, but a paper trail would be nice to have, too. ("the Cooper" and "the Joiner" are terms coined by Henry Poole III, atDNA (Famil Finder/Autosomal DNA) match of Tillman Blizzard, Elizabeth Blizzard, James Russell Poole, and Mr. Whetstone, descendant of Issachar Poole.

A map of the area of John Jordan of the Pool Trail is very hard to read. It was found by Pat Bonneau....... who searched for years at the Salley archives for every scrap of info she could find on the families connected to our Pooles. James and John Pool on the map, may be the same James and John Pool above, who are later found in Laurens and Edgefield. The area of the Edisto River was in both Orangeburg District and Edgefield District at one time or another.

On the 1800 census Isaac Pool is listed with John Williamson, Jacob Hutto, William Bryant, (Tillman's gg-great-grandfather) two Robert Gavins, and more you will recognize now as neighbors in Aiken and Lexington counties. Walter and Polly were the parents of blond haired, blue-eyed, Pvt. Tilman Pool I, of the C.S.A. See the Gunter page with some records of the Blizzard and Pool Families.

Nancy "Nettie" Poole's sisters Olivia and Ivy who was the eldest, married brothers Fred and Willie Gunter who descended from Balaam Gunter, son of Joshua Gunter, through Balaam's grandson Macom; so they also descended from William the Conqueror. I posted Fred and Willie's Gunter family census records on the Gunter Page, beginning with Balaam's son Wilson which will prove this line of descent.

 Isicker aka Issachar, was the adopted son of Walter and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Pool, son of Ellie Stevenson descendant of Isicker and descendants of Walter Pool, have been y-DNA test at FTDNA.  Both Tilman Pool and Isicker had sons named Walter Pool in honor of the man who was "father" to them.

Russell Poole, son of Tilman Poole 1st,  married Harriett Whetstone, their son Henry Samuel Poole married Lottie Williamson, (descendant of Samual Williamson and Recia Bryant) parents of Betty Jean Poole, mother of Pat Bonneau. Betty's brother James Russell Poole was y-DNA tested at FTDNA. He set the standard of I-y-DNA.

Tillman II,
son of Tilman Poole 1st, married Dolly Ann Nettie Williamson, (DA.N. on her tombstone) of Irish descent, daughter of John T. Williamson (descendant of Samual Williamson and Recia Bryant) married Sarah O’Brien. Children of Tilman and Dolly Williamson Pool. John's father Samuel Williamson was born in North Carolina in 1792.

Tillman Blizzard's mt-DNA is Haplogroup H through his Irish grandmother Dolly Ann Nettie Williamson, daughter of John Williamson and Sarah Ann O’Brien. Sarah was the daughter of Fountain O'Brien and Elizabeth Overstreet, daughter of John and Catherine Overstreet. Fountain was the son of Darby O'Brien aka O’Brian/O'Briant/Bryant.

The children of Tillman Poole II and D.A.N. Williamson are pictured on the right.J
There chldlren are oldest to youngest left to right. Sons: Cullen, Alva, Tillman III and John. Dughters: Iva "Ivy", Olivia "Livy", Nancy "Nettie" and Dolly.